Slingrack is the ideal way to manage your lift tools.

You probably know it: slings, chains, plate clamps and other lift tools lying about disorderly or totally missing when you need them.

People put them in another place or don't return them at all. And when inspection comes by for periodic check of the lift tools, you have a problem... The missing tools can't be verified, which may have serious consequences in case of breaking or accident.

With the help of this handy rack, every tool comes back to its place after using. Due to the personalized card system, all users are forced to attach the tool back to the rack for its next use.

The galvanized grids at the bottom of the rack are optional.

Specifications of the tool
Specifications of the tool

Specifications of the tool can be applied on each hook. E.g. "2 Ton - 2 M".


Handy card system

Due to a clever card system, all users are forced to attach the tool back to the rack after use. Only in this way they can remove their personal card from the cassette.


The robust construction and the heavy load wheels (280 kg/wheel) make the sling rack persistently solid.

heavy load wheel

Many kinds of lift and other tools can be attached to the slingrack.

Slingrack WALL bannerline

The work stations in your company are quite far from each other and you prefer to have the necessary lift tools nearby all the time?

In that case, we can offer you Slingrack Wall, Slingrack's little brother. You can attack a Slingrack Wall to a wall at each work station. In this way, all necessary tools are always nearby.

This type of rack is available with 4 hooks

(150 x 750 mm) or with 8 hooks (150 x 1550 mm).

The lasered wall plate has a thickness of 8 mm, which makes Slingrack Wall persistently

solid as well.

Slingrack WALL
Slingrack WALL
Slingrack WALL

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